Bradley Cooper Is Wearing Gigi Hadid’s Knitwear Collection and I Have Questions

Is this the confirmation we’ve been waiting for? Rumors around Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid supposedly hooking up—maybe at Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion—have been swirling for weeks, but neither camp has addressed the story one way or the other. They’ve been spotted in the same car, but is that romantic? Dubious. Thank goodness for fall weather!

As the temperature dipped in New York City, Cooper grabbed a cozy plaid shirt that just happens to be from Guest in Residence, the knitwear brand founded by Hadid. We’ve heard of borrowing your boyfriend’s flannel, but gifting him a top from your line? Guess that’s how A-listers do it.


Specifically, Cooper stepped out in the Plaid Work Shirt, which retails for $645, if your SO has a birthday coming up. For his stroll, he paired the shirt with blue pants, sneakers, sunglasses, and a beanie that looks suspiciously like the Inside-Out Hat made by Guest in Residence, though not in a color that’s currently for sale (another of its hats, the Rib Hat, does come in that “oatmeal” shade, so maybe Bradley is sampling an upcoming color?).

Last we heard about these two lovebirds, they were holed up at Holiday House, probably under a hundred Guest in Residence cashmere blankets. “Taylor is a total romantic and loves playing cupid for her friends,” a source told the Mirror. “Even though Gigi and Bradley have their own properties in New York, they wanted somewhere more private to spend time getting to know each other and Taylor was only too happy to help. She said the door to her home is always open for them to use.” Meanwhile, Sophie Turner is staying at one of Swift’s NYC properties. Watch her become a landlord to her entire friend group, LOL.

Meanwhile, Cooper’s ex Irina Shayk went pants-free while dropping their daughter off at school, because she, too, knows that clothes send a message.

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