Justin Bieber Used Hailey as a Human Paparazzi Shield

It’s also giving Kylie and Timothée at Renaissance, and, you know, good for the Biebers! They’ve been together much longer than these teens (and yes, to me, Jenner and Chalamet are teens, because spiritually, they are). The spark is still sparking.

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For contrast, Zendaya and Tom Holland managed to be more rom-com in their recent PDA, with Zendaya wrapping her arm around Spider-Man’s shoulders because she is, after all, much taller than he is.

Then again, Hailey and Justin Bieber have long enjoyed getting cozy in a public setting. Mrs. Bieber even opened up about their tendency to be affectionate on red carpets in a recent interview, revealing that initially, “It was difficult for me to understand how to carry on a relationship like this, experienced under the eyes of all.

“But,”” she continued, “there comes a time when you have to embrace reality and admit who you are.” She explained, “For a long time I couldn’t do it: I didn’t kiss him in public, I didn’t like the idea of ​​people watching us at certain moments. But I realized that it is a battle that, in the long run, instead of protecting you, exhausts you. The fact is, we love each other. And there is really nothing to hide.”

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