Meghan Markle Shares a Tender Moment Onstage With Prince Harry in New York

“Being a mom is the most important thing in my entire life—outside, of course, being a wife to this one,” answered Markle, gesturing to her husband (and wearing an immaculate white ensemble). “But I will say I feel fortunate that our children are at an age, again quite young, so this isn’t in our immediate future, but I also feel frightened at how it’s continuing to change and this will be in front of us.”

She continued, “It worries me, but I’m also given a lot of hope and energy by the progress we’ve made in the past year being able to have these incredible parents, these survivors of these experiences, share their stories and the more information gathering we’re able to do, the more we can move the needle a little bit…. Everyone is affected by the online world and social media. We all just want to feel safe.”

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