Travis Kelce Plays Twice as Well When Taylor Swift Is Watching

Boy math! Travis Kelce plays twice as well when Taylor Swift is in the stands at his games than when she’s not.

In a recent episode of Trav’s podcast with his brother Jason Kelce, New Heights, the tight end reacted to the stats that show his Swift-inspired performance improvement. “When T. Swift is at the game, you’re averaging 99 yards,” Jason told him, per Page Six. “And when you’re left with only your friends and remaining family there, you are at 46.5 yards a game.” Now, I can’t say I understand all the ins, outs, and downs of football, but 46.5 is less than half of 99, so, if Swift makes him do twice as much yards, that’s double a football, right? Right.

Travis responded that it’s “hard to wrap [his] head around” the Taylor Swift Effect, then asked, “How can I not be [playing better]?”

He added that he’s worse when “left to his own devices,” which is absolutely a reference to the line in “Anti-Hero” where she sings “I should not be left to my own devices / they come with prices / and vices / I end up in crisis.”

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